Spring has sprung!

September 5, 2012 § 3 Comments

Some call it shopping addiction I on the other hand call it research, after all I have a blog to write! So on this particular day I was strolling amongst the pedestrian traffic in Sydney’s CBD when I noticed a beautiful Long flowing dress in a stores window and who am I to deny myself a peek.

After seeing this dress I may have very well been convinced of love at first sight! The dress is by none other than Australian designer duo Becky Cooper and Bridget Yorston or Bec & Bridge. Their designs are both chic and wearable, a quality which I think some runway fashion struggles to be.

The positano maxi dress! Floral is a key feature in fashion this season and a danger with that is that it can become old fast but someone how this dress doesn’t seem to fall into that trap. It’s bright and colourful without being overpowering and the cut out detail at the sides gives it that flirty fun feel.

I imagine wearing this with a wide brim hat and sandals for the day and dressing it up with tan heels and bangles for those spring or summer nights! I would even wear this for a night out on the town as it oozes elegance but the cut out sides create a sexy edgy feel.

But never fear if long dresses arn’t your thing theres a shorter backless version too! They really did think of everything.

Which do you prefer long and lean or short and sweet? Will you be rocking either the floral or maxi trend this summer season?


It’s Britney B@#*h!

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Remember that scene in Mean girls where all the girls are standing in front of the mirror looking impeccably perfect to us mere mortals yet start scrutinising themselves? But even behind the scenes of the US X Factor these types of insecurities are apparent. We’ve all know Britney Spears since her days prancing around in a school girls uniform with abs that many girls dreamed to have to those hair shaving lets not go back there days.

The latest reports from Celebrity Fix claim that Britney banned pretty girls backstage and stipulated that backstage staff were not allowed to be too pretty or stylish. Are these statements true? who knows but if they are it just goes to show no matter how famous or wealthy or together a person may seem everyone has insecurities.

ln some ways I see it like this, our insecurities fall into that same area as things like depression. Let me explain, in other points in time or even still today many people consider depression a taboo topic its something people go through but do not talk about. People see it as a weakness and many people often struggle with it alone. The same applies for insecurities many of us have them and instead of talking about it and supporting each other we hide it or when we do talk about it we bash ourselves (metaphorically). Especially we females we have been cultured to deal with a friend who tells us their insecure about something by offering a perceived negative thing about ourselves. Why do we do this to ourselves?

I won’t go on about this for too long instead I will leave you with a quote from Gary Trudeau “Becoming the new feminine ideal requires just the right combination of insecurity, exercise, bulimia and surgery.”

Happy Father’s Day!

August 30, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’ve often debated with my friends which is the harder sex to shop for? After last Christmas I was on the guys are harder to shop for side. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a woman but oh well! So i thought with Father’s Day fast approaching it was my turn to help out those who were in the same last minute shopping frenzy boat as me. Does that mean we should go with the predictable and boring socks and undies because we can’t think of anything else and its 4:55 and the store closes at 5:00 so grab that pack and run straight for the counter?!!

Firstly we need to breathe, here are some Father’s day gift ideas that will bring a smile to your Dad’s face! The first can be considered a bit predictable but it will beat socks any day, a nice cologne or perfume whatever you prefer to call it. After all scent is one of the most powerful senses we have. Take your Dads senses on a trip with these amazing scents!

Chanel Allure Sport

This cologne is an exotic scent which features a mixture of orange and madarin with white musk and the list goes on. It is fresh and youthful! I love this one always a winner.

Beckham Signature

When can the Beckham’s ever do us wrong? ahhh this scent will have your Dad feeling like a soccer superstar! (but remind him that his not one and trying to bend the ball in front of all your friends at your 12th birthday is an experience that you wish to never relive). It has a unique oriental and woody scent.

Maybe your Dad isn’t the perfume kind of guy. But with most Dads theres one thing you can’t deny they try and capture every moment with a photo. So why not get creative gather all your childhood photos and make him a photo book!

One like this one shown can be created at places like Big W or Officeworks. Make the memories last him a lifetime and let him be the envy of all his friends as he boasts about the book you gave him.

But if your Dad is the adventurous type try a gift thats a little crazy like….

A jet boat ride 

I have done one of these myself and it was crazy fun! If you plan on being dry I wouldn’t be on it but if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush and the time of your life this is it!

Rides last for half an hour and trust me the time flies..literally! A few places in Sydney offer this like OZ jet boating http://www.ozjetboating.com/boat-rides-and-prices.html or Sydney Jet http://www.sydneyjet.com.au with prices starting from $65.

Or maybe your Dad has the need for Speed! and loves his car racing whether he’s a Holden or a Ford fan he’ll love a few hot laps in a V8 Supercar!


Happy Father’s Day Dads!

Once upon a (Modern) time

August 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

If someone was given the opportunity to remake a fairytale classic and set it in contemporary times it may go a little something like this. Once upon a time in a mortgaged two bedroom unit far far away from the city (because lets face it it’s hard to find prime real estate in relative proximity to the city these days) a young woman carrying five enviro friendly shopping bags on each arm fumbled with her keys at the door before finally success ! her door swung open as she heaved the bags into the hallway.

After she shut the door behind her she stood at stared for a moment at her empty apartment and let out a sigh of sadness, “Oh Romeo, Romeo where art thou?”. Almost as if fate had intervened Romeo iMessaged his Juliet “Hey Babe” (She hated when he called her that) “The boys decided an after training dinner was required, be home soon! xo”. She knew that soon meant after a pizza eating competition and a enormous amount of beer so she decided it would be a night of Sex and the city re-runs and a good glass of wine.

But Juliet couldn’t help feel like something was missing. That affection and touch only her boyfriend could give (Not in a Fifty Shades kind of way either), just to feel his arm around her. Then there it was on a late night shopping advertisement the Boyfriend pillow! So she ordered one and waited and waited till finally two to five working days later he arrived. The ultimate boyfriend, it looked just like her boyfriends torso and its soft arm cuddled her all throughout the night. Ahhh no longer did she feel alone when her boyfriend wasn’t around to cuddle her and the new man in her life made their relationship stronger than ever as there were no more arguments about going out with the boys.

Ok so this story is clearly not going to be told for generations to come or be made into a film by Disney but you get the point. I’ve come across some weird and wacky things in my life but this definitely got a laugh. It does have it’s positives just think no more cover hogging but is this just a funny gag or a sign of the times? Is it really that hard to find a loving relationship that we need to resort to human like pillows? Would you ever consider using the boyfriend pillow?

xo Babe

Having your cake and eating it too

August 20, 2012 § 2 Comments

She may be (or may have been) dating one of the hottest guys in Hollywood right now but even Kirsten Stewart got caught out doing probably the most unforgivable things in a relationship, cheating. When I heard this story my intial thought was why do people who seem to be so happy together get the urge to cheat? what is it that makes people cheat? or has this story received as much attention as it has because it was the woman who was caught cheating?

Obviously it is harder to understand these questions when it comes to such high profile relationships like those in Hollywood. While it may be all smiles and loved up cuddles for the cameras when the public eye is gone it may be a totally different story and unless we were a part of that couple we would not know what was actually going on in that relationship.

Or is it a reflection of the changing society where monogamy is not viewed as the way to go with relationships? Or has society become so selfish that we want to be in a relationship but have the opportunity to act single too? Everyone has their own opinions on this, my view? Well I believe it is about trust, a relationship does not mean that you need to be controlling and limit the contact that your partner has with the opposite sex but trusting them to respect the relationship and you. If your partner isn’t able to do that think are they the person you thought they were or that you want to be with? As much as it would hurt I would rather someone breaks up with me than cheat on me.

So what do you think is it a bit of gossip? entertainment? Are we taking life too seriously? or do you ever think cheating is ok?

Bag lady

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To ask me to choose between what I love more bags or shoes is like asking a parent to choose between their children, I just can’t do it! I love fashion for it’s ability to help you express yourself and it’s rich history. Behind every piece of clothing we have is a history of how it got from the drawing board into our wardrobe, it’s like wearing a story.

So I’ll start telling you about my latest fashion crush with once upon a time…..in a land not so far away a young woman was in her castle on her Mac browsing for fashion inspiration (Oh I forgot to tell you this is a modern story there are no moats in this castle or horse drawn carriages…..sorry). When there it was the Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag, this is what it must be like to experience love at first sight.

Ahhhh, I love it! It is classic and elegant and a bag like this can stand the test of time. It won’t go out of style like that neon clutch (although we still love it, fashion can sometimes be unkind). Suddenly the young woman began imagining all the different outfits she could wear this bag with, her classic jeans and blazer combo, a loose fitting t-shirt and leather tights or even to work outside of the comfort of your castle.

The young woman dreamed and dreamed of the classic bag. While many others have lost there shine and sparkle a true classic such as the Gucci vintage Boston Bag remains eternal. So she sought out to strive for this piece of fashion history, heres hoping she recieves here fairytale ending….. to be continued.

Every Colour of the Rainbow

August 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

My memories of fashion from childhood include platform shoes (yes really), scrunchies and  jeans. While I still wear scrunchies and platforms…..kidding, kidding. While the scrunchies and platforms have been left in the fashion sins of the past jeans have carried on with me all the way. There were so many of my favourite designer pairs that I adored Bettina Liano and Lee were always my fav’s. But now the humble jean has received a make over and I am so obsessed with it! Colour. Brights, pastels, fluros there are so many options now I just can’t choose just one.

Coloured jeans are a great way to refresh an old favourite and are also a great way for expressing your mood and personality. They just seem to say i’m having and i’m having fun. I definitely pick these as being a trend that will follow through spring and summer. While some jump head first into this trend others may be a bit cautious and I get that. The age old question of how do I wear that?

Just take a look at these celebs and models who have worn this trend. I agree a hundred percent on teaming them with a blazer but that is just my personal preference (I am a bit of a blazer addict). One thing that really stood out to me here was that even though they were all wearing coloured jeans they were not afraid to add another colour or colours to the mix. I think this really makes them a stand out and fun! The outfits all come across as smart and playful. Love, love, love these looks!!! Fashion is all about experimenting till you find the look that is right for you.

However then there is the other side of the fence which includes people wanting to try this trend and experiment with colour but are afraid of being confused as Bozo the clowns long lost cousin, fair point. I believe coloured jeans can been just as dramatic and fun when paired with black basics or neutral tones.

Just look at this image of Kim Kardashian, love her or hate her she has nailed this look! The colours work perfectly together and the jeans are really the focus of this outfit. If you’re brave enough give this new denim trend a try, I know I am getting so addicted! If you’re wanting to test the rainbow coloured waters but don’t want to blow your budget that’s ok too Target has got these beautiful brights at totally reasonable prices. Check them out!

Coral Free Fusion Dolly for Target $49